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Sé que algunos/as no están en el Slack de CC, así que les comparto este
mensaje que mandó Timothy Vollmer ayer. Sería bueno si alguien más tiene
algún comentario adicional para hacer al borrador ya casi definitivo de
este análisis. Con Jorge de CC Uruguay pensamos traducir el documento al
castellano cuando esté la versión definitiva, así que si alguien más se
quiere sumar, bienvenido. Abajo va el mensaje de Tim:

Hi everyone. At the CC Summit in Toronto there was a discussion amongst
some of the latin american affiliates about drafting an analysis of the
EU-Mercosur free trade agreement, especially in relation to how that trade
agreement would affect creative commons licenses, the public domain, and
limitations and exceptions to copyright, especially from the perspective of
the Mercosur countries.

We have been working on a draft which you can see here:

When it is complete, we plan to publish it on the creative commons website
as a policy analysis paper, similar to what we did with regard to the TPP
in 2015 (see

I welcome any feedback/improvements you have on this draft analysis,
especially if any of you have been following these negotiations. The
parties said they want to wrap this up by the end of the year, but who
knows what will happen. In the least I think it’s useful for CC to raise
awareness about the concerns—both the substance and the process—of more
copyright policymaking being pushed through these multilateral trade
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