[Latin-America] Global Network Weekly #9

Simeon Oriko simeon at creativecommons.org
Fri Jun 2 20:56:32 GMT 2017

Hello friends! 👋🏽

Rather than reflect on the past week, I'd like to share what I'll be up to
over the next few weeks. I'm doing this in the hope that some of you will
reach out and offer to participate.

1. *Asia-Pacific Outreach*: Over the next two weeks I'll be reaching out to
affiliate teams in this region. I did a similar outreach in February this
year and I'll be following up on some the discussions we had.

(As a side note, I'll be doing regional outreaches every 2 weeks. Next one
is Africa, then Latin America, then Europe and then North America).

2. *Participation Strategy*: Over the last few weeks I've been thinking
about how best to get CC affiliates involved in ongoing initiatives. So
far, we've initiated CC Platforms (and I'm really excited about all the
amazing work that's going on here), last week I brought up the idea of
Community Calls (Jennie hosted one this week and some of you have reached
out about ideas for community calls).

Both of these focus on online engagement. In a few weeks I intend to switch
my focus to offline engagement - I'd like to see more affiliates meeting in
person to do awesome things.

I'm hoping to hear back from you if you have any thoughts or opinions on
the above.


Shout out to folks I interacted with this week: CC Norway, CC Uruguay, CC
Vietnam, CC Germany, CC New Zealand, CC Bulgaria. We also had a request to
start a community in Pakistan (second request from the same country this

'Til next Friday y'all!


Simeon Oriko
Network Manager, Creative Commons

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