[Latin-America] Global Network Weekly #38

Simeon Oriko simeon at creativecommons.org
Fri Mar 2 21:10:22 UTC 2018

Hi friends! 👋🏽

This week, we officially terminated all existing MoU's with affiliates.
This is an important milestone.

One of the challenges of the affiliate system was it was difficult to join
and participate in the Global Network. The new Global Network offers new
ways of getting more involved with Creative Commons and its
community. Claudio described these ways in a blog post
<https://creativecommons.org/2018/02/23/global-network/> last week but I
want to highlight them here again:

   - *Network Platforms*. Platforms
   <https://github.com/creativecommons/network-platforms> are the way we
   work together. They are working groups that will create and communicate
   strategic collaboration to have a worldwide impact. The platforms are open
   to anyone willing to contribute and develop usable, vibrant and
   collaborative global Commons.

   - *CC Global Summit*. The Global Summit is now an annual event. The
   Summit provides leaders, stakeholders, and the broader open web community
   an opportunity to drive the open movement forward, cross-pollinate ideas
   and expertise, and expand our impact. This year’s event will focus on
   empowering new contributors to get involved and have impact. You’re
   invited to participate and join us in Toronto this April.

   - *Network Membership*. We have created a membership model for those
   interested in formally participating in the decision-making and governance
   of the network. Membership is not required for participation in CC
   projects, and it is open to anyone with a track record as an active
   contributor to the CC movement that supports the Network Charter
   <https://creativecommons.org/network/charter/>. Members are organized
   nationally into chapters (e.g., CC New Zealand, CC El Salvador, CC
Canada). Individuals
   can apply here <https://network.creativecommons.org/>.

Til' next Friday!

Kind Regards,

Simeon Oriko
Simeon Oriko
Network Manager, Creative Commons

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