[Latin-America] Global Network Weekly #26

Simeon Oriko simeon at creativecommons.org
Fri Oct 13 13:31:16 GMT 2017

Hello CC friends! 👋🏽

So there's a lot of information going round you should be paying attention
to. I'm going to summarize them here:

*1. Global Network Strategy*

Claudio sent an email 2 weeks ago to share the next steps in the transition
of the Global Network Strategy. Here are a few highlights:

   - We'll be opening new memberships for individuals and institutions who
   want to join the CC Global Network. In the coming weeks we will open a
   website and registration system for this.
   - To become a member you will need to be "vouched" by two people from a
   community “Interim Membership Council” -  a group made up of longstanding
   volunteer and community members who were part of the Network Strategy and
   the Advisory Group.
   - As members are approved, they will also be able to vouch for new
   members who apply.
   - To be a member, you must have contributed actively to the work of the
   CC movement - the vouching system is intended to allow you to show that
   contribution. Anyone can contribute to our work or get information about
   CC’s activities without becoming a member, but members have the opportunity
   to lead in the movement.
   - More information about the Global Network Strategy can be found here
   <https://github.com/creativecommons/global-network-strategy> and it
   includes a timeline
   for this process.

*2. State of the Commons*

Jennie, CC's Communications Manager, sent out a mail yesterday with details
of the 2017 State of the Commons (SOTC) report.

This year, the report will have a focus on the people and communities that
make up the movement and inspire our new global network in addition
to reports on CC programs, impact, and metrics

As part of the process to put the report together, we're inviting you to
nominate some of the most impactful people in the community. Please submit
your nominations by November 22nd here

*3. CC Certificates*

Many of you are keen on this so you may already have seen the latest update
<https://creativecommons.org/2017/10/12/certificates/>. If not, read up!

'Til next Friday!

Kind Regards,

Simeon Oriko

Simeon Oriko
Network Manager, Creative Commons

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