[Latin-America] Global Network Weekly #23

Simeon Oriko simeon at creativecommons.org
Fri Sep 15 19:17:42 GMT 2017

Hello CC friends! 👋🏽

Here's a quick snapshot of what you, members of the CC Global Network, are
planning for the near future:

   - CC Jordan is planning their first Salon - tentatively for late October
   2017. CC Jordan also recently had a CC event for their community last month.
   - CC Mombasa (part of CC Kenya) are also planning a CC Salon for late
   October/early November 2017
   - CC Nepal is planning a CC/Open Access event for early December 2017
   - CC Uruguay just hosted a CC film festival
   - CC Zimbabwe is hosting the first CC event ever in their country!
   - CC Tanzania is offering a CC Licenses Benefits Training to Young
   - CC Ghana are hosting a Summer Open School on 28th to 30th September
   (proudly sponsored by CC!)
   - CC Ecuador and CC Perú are collaborating on a CC Salon  in Piura, Perú
   - CC Belarus and CC Poland are teaming up to help NGOs adopt CC licenses
   - CC Côte d'Ivoire is planning to host the very first CC event in their
   - Wikimedia friends in Pakistan are planning a training for journalists
   to teach them how to use CC in journalism
   - CC Albania are hosting a series of CC meetups at the cool Open Labs
   <https://openlabs.cc/en/> hackerspace. They're also recording an Open
   Knowledge podcast!

...and those are just a few!

What's going on in your CC community? How can I help?


Simeon Oriko
Network Manager, Creative Commons

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