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Simeon Oriko simeon at creativecommons.org
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Hello friends!

Some of you have been working on Open GLAM projects or are interested in
doing so. At the Summit, Scann and a few others started thinking about an
Open GLAM platform for CC.

Forwarding her message so that others who may not have been at the Summit
and would like to participate in shaping an Open GLAM platform can join in.

Don't know what a platform is? Read this

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Date: Tue, May 9, 2017 at 9:02 PM
Subject: CC Open GLAM Platform
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Hello everyone,

I hope that you all had a safe travel back home (for those of you who had
to travel) and if not, a safe return to your work!

Here I have put together the notes and the outcomes of the session
regarding the "Open GLAM Platform" for CC:


Of course, as you can see, this is far from being complete. Some of them
are ideas that need more work and ellaboration, some of them are activities
in which we can start to collaborate immediately. Since this is a Gdoc, of
course all of you are more than welcome to collaborate and expand what has
been roughly set up there. This will also serve us as an indicator to know
how much interest there is on having this platform set up together and
brought to life.

How do we continue working? We have setup a Slack channel on the CC Slack.
The channel is #cc-openglam and you can join there. I'm also organizing a
call for those of you who might be interested in discuss the document in
further detail, please pick a time slot that fits you here:


Even if you can't participate in the call, there's a lot of room for
collaboration, so let's find a way in which we can work together :) . And
if there's someone that you feel that missed the conversation but should
have been in it or that might be interested in check out the document, just
share the link with them and invite them to the Slack channel.

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